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In one of my previous articles, I wrote about how vital recruitment is for your organization, and there was a statement:

Now we can rephrase this sentence.

The root of every success and failure of societies is based on the teacher and knowledge sharing process.

Every time, thinking about teaching, I face two contradictory thoughts:
1. Teaching keeps me running
2. Teaching takes too much energy from me
And both of them are true.

Yes, it’s the most moving part of my days, conducting online training and sharing my knowledge and thoughts with others, but there are some clear points that I cannot ignore.

In this article, I will share my thoughts about my benefits from teaching and a bit of the most annoying things in the process.

1The first benefit of sharing my knowledge is that I repeat everything I know of the particular topic.
Sometimes, speaking about things that I know, I notice that the advice I give my students will be a good solution for some of my ongoing cases.
Let’s find how it works.
Simply put, our brain has two main memories: Short-term and long-term memories. And only short-term memory can create logical connections.
While our brain wants to get something from our long-term memory, it temporarily places the information on the short-term memory to finalize and share information as a thought. At the same time, it creates some logical connections that can be useful in the situation we are in now.

Teaching helps my brain to analyze data in another way and create logical connections I didn’t know before to solve current situations.

2The network is the other benefit that I get through teaching. The most engaging and energized students today are key persons of our society tomorrow.
Recently, one of my students became the director of Yerevan Zoo. I was surprised and excited by this news. I was happy to know such a perspective person, and the mind that I had a little investment in her knowledge motivates me.

By my research, 37% of students I’ve worked with before started working in the IT sphere or other spheres in managerial positions.
And that motivates me to continue my teaching activity.

Teaching helps me to identify and connect people of our future.

3Better organizational skills are the next thing I want to point. In my career, I had a chance to work with more than 50 teams, from little ones with 3 or 4 members to big groups with their subordination scheme. But the most challenging organizational issue I face is organizing 30 students from different places, cultures, and lifestyles who do not know each other into an organized and concentrated project group.
The most terrible part of the courses is the first lesson. You have only one chance to know your audience down to the smallest detail because if you lose one student’s attention, you will lose them forever. He will turn the video connection off, mute itself, and mentally disconnect with you. Actually, in the case of an online connection, you will not be able to share more than 50% of the knowledge you have, and what’s most important, you will lose the emotional connection with him. In this case, it’s crucial to know that the effect of disconnection is contagious, and by the time you will lose everyone in the group.

Organizing significantly different people into a team who don’t know each other shapes my organizational skills.

4Teaching motivates to learn new things.
It is tenable that sometimes I don’t know the answer to some questions students ask me. The first question of this kind is about littles law. I’ve surprised and didn’t know what to say. However, I confessed that I couldn’t answer that question at the moment. I can’t describe my impatience to end the session and research for the specified topic. In the next session, I’ve presented a separate presentation about littles law.
After, I shall accept that the fear of unawareness about the topic when everyone listens to you is the biggest motivation to learn more and more.

Be honest with yourself; you don’t know enough to teach your audience. Just keep rocking!

5Public speaking and communication skills are the ones I’ve improved during the lessons. There is no need to detail how you can improve these skills while teaching. Just be careful about how you are presenting and be open to any feedback. Your inner voice and the feedback of your students’ will show you a way to improve yourself.

The feedback defines how you appear in public.

Truly said, teaching is not always a joyful activity. Some situations can be infuriating, even when the problem doesn’t depend on you.
Let’s highlight two of them.

In conclusion, teaching is too emotional, primarily when responsible for the result, but it gets impressive when you achieve the expectations of yourself and your team.



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