Human resources as a kernel of organizational success: 3 HR gaps you need to avoid

Everyone who is acting at a succeeded company will prove these words:

Every successful company’s core stands an integrated HR department filled with energized professionals and many creative ideas.

You will understand and overthink this article, primarily if you work in a big company where HR lacks the necessary tools and processes.

As a rule, if a company is not going appropriately, it’s all about two major factors: Individuals and processes.
For now, we will speak about individuals. So let’s define this simple statement:

The human resources department is responsible for one of two critical aspects of every successful company — individuals and their interactions.

For 3 years of working in a big company as a scrum master and after as an enterprise architect, I noticed some factors that can crush organizational culture and must be resolved inside HR.

Many HR specialists, especially those just starting their career in the HR field, have misconceptions about their job. They find that recruitment is all about hiring fun and technically acceptable employees who will do their job and bring joy. It’s not wrong thinking; it’s incomplete thinking about recruitment. A recruiter should understand that every new hiring is a cornerstone of our company’s future. So there are a lot of factors that we need to consider other than candidate professionality level, expected salary, or first glance personality type. The recruiter needs to think about design thinking, critical thinking, strategic thinking, communication skills, preferred communication types, IQ, domain knowledge, team fit, and much more. There are a lot of practices used in the recruitment process that can form up a system, and you can find a lot of articles about this on medium, and the first thing you need to do is to set up a plan. The benefits of the system are visible, but let’s point some of them.

  1. As a recruiter, you will never forget about some tests you need to pass with your candidate.
  2. The system helps decrease subjective views.
  3. The system helps to set up a conveyer that involves the best ones to your team.

The root of every success and failure of companies is based on the recruiter and recruitment process.

HR is full of routine: contracts, references, working time calculation, reports, etc. We do understand that HR Administration is one of the critical priorities of HR. Still, the administrative part must always be in the second place if we compare it with other activities that contain human-centric thinking.
One of the best examples of human-centric actions is conflict management activities. If you face a problem of conflict between your key employees, you don’t need to solve the problem administratively. You need to speak with them, analyze the situation, exclude subjectivity, and make an objective decision. So let’s figure out what kind of soft and hard skills HR must master.

  1. Communication — to talk to everyone who has any problem or not.
  2. Analytic skills — to inspect the current situation from another look.
  3. System thinking — to make decisions in an objective way.

These are the three most essential skills that every HR professional must have, develop, and master.

Remember, contracts are too important, but no one ever could not calculate all situations and compose them into an agreement, to preserve companies’ interests. The only way — is communication between all parties.

3. Fear of firing someone who doesn’t fit
Yes, it’s hard to say goodbye, especially if you have some emotional or rigid operational connection. But you need to understand that every member who doesn’t fit your culture, or the culture you want to have, is a bottleneck of promoting it. It’s hard for you to work with individuals like those and hard for them. The truth is, you both don’t fit each other, and you torment each other from both sides.
If you have a tricky situation, like employees who don’t fit your organization’s culture, just let them go.
Anyways, it would be best if you did the termination process smoothly and painlessly for you and your teammate. One of the best formulas for painless job termination is honesty about the reason.

Don’t forget that everyone who is leaving you must take value from you and your company. The most significant value in the current situation is the chance to improve. So, be honest, everywhere, even in a late goodbye session.



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